Cowboy Festival in Cartersville GA!

MWHR will have a table setup at the Cowboy Festival at the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA. The festival hours on Saturday are 9AM-5PM and on Sunday they are 10AM-5PM. Please stop by and see us. We’ll have MWHR merchandise available for purchase and we will also be accepting donations.

For more details check out our Facebook event here!!



Hay Day hosted by Save the Horses

MWHR will have a booth at the Hay Day Event on Saturday, October 22nd from 11AM-4PM at Save the Horses Horse Rescue. We’ll have MWHR merchandise available for purchase as well as some used tack and of course we’ll be accepting donations. Please come out and join the fun and support horse rescue. For more info check out Save the Horses’ Facebook page at and the Patch article about the event here.

Adoption Update – Shelby

Shelby (formerly know as Guinness) is an 8 year old Grulla mustang mare that was captured in Cedar Mountain, UT and came to MWHR at the beginning of August because her owner could no longer financially afford to keep her. She was with us only about a week before our friends, Kelly & Lee Bates of Cooper Sandy Farm, came to see her and offered to foster and help with her training. Well, fostering didn’t last long as Lee and Shelby quickly became “attached” at the hip. It’s rare that we are able to find the perfect match so quickly but this is one of those truly wonderful moments. We look forward to getting regular updates on Lee and Shelby’s adventures together.

Horse Fest at Little Creek Farm

We had a very successful outing at Horse Fest at Little Creek Farm in Decatur, GA on the 17th of September. We raised $500 for MWHR thanks to everyone who stopped by and supported us. A very special “thank you” goes to Chris Lobkowicz with Mustang Rescue Network for inviting us and bringing her mustang mare, Angel, to meet and greet with the public. Angel was a wonderful ambassador.