MWHR Pasture Reno & Fence Project

MWHR is running a GoFundMe campaign to fund the cost of improving our Batesville barn location. The farm where our horses reside has about 7 acres of pasture and needs re-seeding. By re-seeding our pastures now we can ensure that the horses will have grass to eat through the fall, which will help reduce our operating costs by eliminating the need to feed hay. Our horses enjoy 24/7 turnout at all times.

In addition to re-seeding the pastures, we are planning to install a new gate/entrance off of the main road to enable easier and safer access for a truck and trailer. The current entrance is shared with the homeowner and is very difficult and at times dangerous to navigate due to a blind hill on the busy road.

Re-seeding will require approx. $640 in seed (10 bags of KY Fescue at $64.00 per 50 lb bag)
Gate/Fence project will require approx. $360 in lumber and $200 for rock/gravel.

GoFundMe Link – Every little bit helps! Thank you!