Horse Show!

We would like to thank our friends, Kelly & Lee Bates of Cooper Sandy Farm for helping create awareness for MWHR by displaying our banner at the horse show September 17th. They also brought out their crew of mustangs to the show. It was Shelby’s first horse show outing and it looks like she handled it great.

Horse Fest at Little Creek Farm

We had a very successful outing at Horse Fest at Little Creek Farm in Decatur, GA on the 17th of September. We raised $500 for MWHR thanks to everyone who stopped by and supported us. A very special “thank you” goes to Chris Lobkowicz with Mustang Rescue Network for inviting us and bringing her mustang mare, Angel, to meet and greet with the public. Angel was a wonderful ambassador.

Car Wash!

**Bring Your Dirty Cars & Help Save the Mustangs**

We will be holding a car wash to raise funds on May 21! All proceeds/donations from washing cars will go directly to caring for the mustangs, wild horses and burros rescued by MWHR. We will be in the Wendy’s parking lot located at 2961 Shallowford Road in Marietta, GA from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Additional details can be found here.

Event Location: 2961 Shallowford Road Marietta, GA 30066

Yard Sale this weekend!

MWHR will be having a yard sale fundraiser on Saturday, April 30th from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM! In addition to typical yard sale items, we will have a large selection of used tack for sale. Also, Buck (one of our adopted mustang geldings) and his owner, Bella, will be at the event for a “meet and greet”! All of the proceeds from the sale of items will go directly to MWHR. Please tell your friends and family about the event!

If you’ve done spring cleaning recently and have any items to donate we need items donated to sell at the yard sale. Contact Elizabeth at if you have items to donate and we’ll coordinate pickup prior to the event!

Additional event details can be found here.

Yard Sale Location: 616 Mountain Road, Woodstock, GA 30188


Update – Pasture Reseeding & Fence Project

We are so excited that thanks to several generous donations to our GoFundMe, we have reached and exceeded our goal!!! We’ve finally received some much needed rain too and we’ve hit the ground running with the reseeding project. Several sections of the Batesville pasture have been temporarily fenced off and re-seeded to give our grass time to grow!

Car Wash on September 12

Mustang and Wild Horse Rescue of GA will be holding a car wash next Saturday (September 12th) from 10 AM – 2 PM at the Tractor Supply Co in Canton – 2860 E Cherokee Dr Canton, GA 30115. We are raising funds for our winter hay fund as fall and winter, our most expensive times of the year to keep the mustangs fed, are fast approaching. Bring your dirty car over to the Tractor Supply to support the rescue next weekend!