Adoption Update – Kichi

Kichi is a chestnut mustang mare born in 1995 and captured in 1999 from the Salt Wells Creek HMA in WY. She was surrendered to our rescue in late spring 2015 by an owner who fell on hard times. She was emaciated, suffered hair loss in her mane and tail, and her hooves were in such terrible shape that she limped when she walked. In late summer 2015, we were approached by an experienced local horseman who was willing to take on the extra care that Kichi still required to complete her recovery. He was looking to provide an ideal job for this senior mare as a pasture companion to his aging quarter horse, Tuff. We recently visited Kichi in her home in Alpharetta, GA and are pleased to report that she is happy and healthy, her hair is still growing in, and her hooves look amazing. Her owner tells us that while small in stature she has the big personality of a lead mare and bosses great big Tuff around (even stealing his food if given a chance). She is loved dearly by her new adopters and is enjoying life.


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