Ticket to Ride Benefit Horse Show in July

We are so excited to be chosen as one of the charities by the Ticket to Ride Benefit Horse Show again this year! The $20 Ride A Buck class benefiting MWHR is back again and we’ll also be doing our Tack Sale and Silent Auction. Stay tuned for lots more details to come but mark your calendars for July 6th and 7th at Wills Park Equestrian Center in Alpharetta, GA.

More Details: https://www.facebook.com/tickettoridehorseshow/



In Loving Memory of Spark Plug “Sparky”

In Loving Memory of Spark Plug “Sparky”
1/1/1998 – 10/25/2017

On October 25th, 2017 we had to say “goodbye” to MWHR resident mustang Sparky. Sparky came to MWHR several years ago with another mustang, Sweetie Pie and was trained by our Founder, David Hesse. Unfortunately, Sparky suffered from COPD which had to be carefully managed by steroids. One of the side effects of long term steroid use in horses is laminitis or founder. About six weeks ago, Sparky started suffering from a serious laminitic episode and despite all efforts, his condition continued to worsen. Ultimately there was nothing else we could do to help him and his condition was causing him great pain. MWHR is extremely grateful to all of those who worked so hard to help Sparky the past six weeks. A very special “thank you” goes to Dr. Kaylin Touche with KLM Equine for the countless hours of research and consultations, as well as loving support she gave Sparky not just in the past six weeks, but in the last two years. Sparky will be greatly missed but we know that he is finally running free again.


Mustang Update – Ally

Ally finally arrived at the MWHR farm late yesterday afternoon. She has been staying with one of our sister rescues, Hope Reins, until we had room for her. We are so grateful for their help in picking Ally up and giving her a safe place to stay the past two months. Ally will spend some time settling in at the farm and then our trainer will begin to work with and evaluate her. We know she is 18 years old and was captured as a 2 year old from the Reveille HMA in NV. Her previous owner says she has been ridden so hopefully some TLC and a little training refresher and then she’ll be ready for adoption.

New Rescue – Smoochie

MWHR welcomed Smoochie to the farm this past Saturday. Smoochie is a 13 year old mustang gelding who was born in a New Mexico holding facility. Much of his history is unknown due to the fact that he is an untitled mustang who appears to have “slipped thru the cracks” of the system. About 2 years ago a lady in SC took him in because he was basically roaming the streets of her small town. She wanted a better life for Smoochie so she asked MWHR to take him so that he could be trained and go on to lead a more productive life. He’s quite small at around 13.3 hands but very well built. He’s smart and a quick learner so we are looking forward to spending lots of time training him.

Adoption Update – Kichi

Kichi is a chestnut mustang mare born in 1995 and captured in 1999 from the Salt Wells Creek HMA in WY. She was surrendered to our rescue in late spring 2015 by an owner who fell on hard times. She was emaciated, suffered hair loss in her mane and tail, and her hooves were in such terrible shape that she limped when she walked. In late summer 2015, we were approached by an experienced local horseman who was willing to take on the extra care that Kichi still required to complete her recovery. He was looking to provide an ideal job for this senior mare as a pasture companion to his aging quarter horse, Tuff. We recently visited Kichi in her home in Alpharetta, GA and are pleased to report that she is happy and healthy, her hair is still growing in, and her hooves look amazing. Her owner tells us that while small in stature she has the big personality of a lead mare and bosses great big Tuff around (even stealing his food if given a chance). She is loved dearly by her new adopters and is enjoying life.