Mustang Training – Midnight

Midnight has been getting a little “refresher” on his round pen work. MWHR evaluates and works with all of our mustangs as part of the rehab process before being put up for adoption. Special thank you to our volunteer/trainer, Chris, for working with our horses.


New Rescue – Ally

Ally, the newest member of the MWHR family, is a mustang mare that was surrendered to us by her owner over the weekend. We don’t know much about her but believe she is in her early 20’s and has been ridden in the past. She’s a sweet girl but definitely needs some weight and TLC. She will be getting a visit from the vet and farrier this week. We are so thankful to Ashley and Justin who operate Hope Reins Rescue in Lyons, GA for going to pick her up on such short notice and care for her until she can be moved to the MWHR farm.

Maya & “Mustang Heaven”

On Saturday MWHR delivered Maya to her new family in Vidalia, GA. They are of course already in love with her and she has her very own 10 year old girl to groom and care for her under the watchful eye of her mom, who is a TIP trainer. We can’t wait to see all of the wonderful things that Maya does with her new family. Maya also gets to run with her own mustang herd again. MWHR volunteers spent the afternoon with Maya’s new adopter, Sandra Williamson, who owns and operates Rackettstown Mustangs. We were officially in “mustang heaven” and got to meet many of the 60 mustangs that reside on the farm. Maya will be greatly missed at the MWHR farm but we couldn’t be more excited about her new loving home.

Mustang Update – Maya Adopted!

Maya is a 6 year old cremello mare from the Fox Hog HMA in CA. She was captured as a yearling and then found her way to the East Coast thru the BLM adoption program. Last October she was identified as being at risk due to unknown circumstances that landed her in the hands of a horse dealer that was due to ship her to a kill pen. Thankfully some “rescue angels” intercepted her and asked if MWHR could assist with taking her in and finding her a loving home. We are happy to report that this Saturday, Maya will be headed to a wonderful home in Vidalia, GA with an experienced mustang trainer. She’ll get to be reunited with lots of other mustangs on the new farm. This very sweet and special girl will be greatly missed at MWHR but we can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that she goes on to do with her new adopter.

Adoption Update – Sweetie Pie

Sweetie Pie is a 19 year old brown and white paint mustang mare that was captured as a yearling in Salt Wells Creek, WY. She came to MWHR several years ago with another mustang, Spark Plug. Sweetie and Sparky were trained by MWHR founder, David Hesse, and severed as our ambassadors for many years. We are happy to say that Sweetie Pie has finally been adopted into her forever home by Karen McClure and now lives with former MWHR burro, Poncho, along with another horse and pony on a beautiful farm in Milton, GA. We are sad to see Sweetie Pie go but so happy for her to have found such a wonderful family.

Adoption Update – Shelby

Shelby (formerly know as Guinness) is an 8 year old Grulla mustang mare that was captured in Cedar Mountain, UT and came to MWHR at the beginning of August because her owner could no longer financially afford to keep her. She was with us only about a week before our friends, Kelly & Lee Bates of Cooper Sandy Farm, came to see her and offered to foster and help with her training. Well, fostering didn’t last long as Lee and Shelby quickly became “attached” at the hip. It’s rare that we are able to find the perfect match so quickly but this is one of those truly wonderful moments. We look forward to getting regular updates on Lee and Shelby’s adventures together.